Bird Trails

The following describes four trails around Newport Lakes that use bird mosaics as markers.

This special place inspired Linda Cottrell, local artist and committee member in the Friends of Newport Lakes, to devise four trails featuring resident bird life on mosaics designed and constructed with the help of local school students and residents. Part of one trail features a bird hide constructed and painted by members of the Friends of Newport Lakes.

Linda Cottrell with one of her mosaics


General instructions for using the trails:
Look carefully for the mosaics, they may not be immediately obvious. There are seven mosaics all together, but you won’t see all of them on one trail. In between the mosaics, follow the Willy Wagtail directional signs marked with a trail number, either 1, 2, 3 or 4.

The trails range in length between 1200 and 2100 metres, taking between 25 and 40 minutes to complete. Some pathways in the park are steep and covered with recycled concrete gravel. They may be slippery and unsuitable for visitors with mobility difficulties. Do not venture into tall grass, to avoid damaging plants and encountering snakes. If you spot any vandalism please report it to the Ranger on 0419 302 063.

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Credits: Directing Artist: Linda Cottrell. Mosaic Teacher (including use of equipment): Libby McKinnin. Stone Mason: David Waters. Bird Hide Builders: Ted Peck with Ron Bowman, Mary Burbidge, Linda Cottrell, Ray Rodwell and other Friends. Tiles provided by: Hynes Tiles, Williamstown and Geelong Road. Funds provided by: Hobsons Bay City Council Community Grant, 1999. Text by: Sarah Berry

Thank you to Christine and Peter Wlodarczyk for use of the Newport Lakes Native Nursery as a venue for mosaic workshops.

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