Bird Trail 3

All trails begin with the Purple Swamp Hen mosaic inside and to the left of the main entrance.

Distance: 1400 metres
Time: 30 minutes

From the Purple Swamp Hen, turn right down hill to the Black Swan. Walk halfway up the steep slope where you’ll see a Willy Wagtail 3 Marker.



Turn left and follow the track at the base of the cliff. Along the way, you’ll see the New Holland Honey Eater and Fairy Wren mosaic. Cross over the grassy picnic area and pick up the track at the base of the cliff again.

Pass the Rainbow Lorikeet mosaic, walk down the steps and cross the little bridge ahead of you. Follow this track and you’ll pass the Magpie mosaic on your left. Follow the track and the Willy Wagtail 3 Markers left to the Amphitheatre.

At the Ampihitheatre, find the Bell Frog, look for a Willy Wagtail 3 Marker, and follow the track around the top of the Amphitheatre. At the Amphitheatre Lookout, turn right and walk up hill back
to the Purple Swamp Hen.

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