Creative Inspiration

Newport Lakes inspires all sorts of creative artists, photographers, musicians, painters and writers.

If you would like something you have written about the park or its history included on this page please e-mail us at  

Here are some of the stories, poems and articles written about Newport Lakes Park:

Haiku by Sue Wright:

Basalt by Dave Davies:

A Musing Bag-lady by Mary Burbidge:
A Musing Bag-lady FoNL-2.pdf  

Short Walks  by Sue Wright: 
''Short Walks" by Sue Wright
The Scar of the Land by Geoff Wraight: 
The Scar of the Land

Lakeside Reflections by Mary Burbidge: 
Lakeside Reflections

From Trash to Treasure: An Oasis of Tranquility by Miki Perkins:
Age Article by Miki Perkins

Christmas Gems by Mary Burbidge: 
Christmas Gems2.pdf


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