Bird Trail 1

All trails begin with the Purple Swamp Hen mosaic inside and to the left of the main entrance.

Distance: 1200 metres
Time: 25 minutes

From the Purple Swamp Hen, go left and down hill. Look for a Willy Wagtail 1 Marker before a second lookout. Turn left, walking around the top of the Amphitheatre.



Find the Bell Frog mosaic and walk down slope into the Amphitheatre. Walk across the Amphitheatre and the bridge.
Cross the stepping-stones and look for the Darter mosaic.

Turn right and follow the lakeside path around South Lake, past the Black Swan and up hill to the Purple Swamp Hen.

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Credits: Directing Artist: Linda Cottrell. Mosaic Teacher (including use of equipment): Libby McKinnin. Stone Mason: David Waters. Bird Hide Builders: Ted Peck with Ron Bowman, Mary Burbidge, Linda Cottrell, Ray Rodwell and other Friends. Tiles provided by: Hynes Tiles, Williamstown and Geelong Road. Funds provided by: Hobsons Bay City Council Community Grant, 1999. Text by: Sarah Berry

Thank you to Christine and Peter Wlodarczyk for use of the Newport Lakes Native Nursery as a venue for mosaic workshops.



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