Past Projects

Summer Watering, 1998 

Working with Ecogen Energy (the power station) and Shell to collect, transport and distribute clean waste-water in the Arboretum.

Bird Trail Project, 1998-2000 

Working with local schools, artist Linda Cottrell and tile manufacturers to create native bird mosaics and trail markers, bird boxes, a bird hide, a trail guide and a trail launch event.

Linda Cottrell shows how her mosaic design will look when finished.

Bird Hide, designed and constructed by FoNL, maintained by HBCC

Path Project, 2001

Working with Council and Victoria University to create an additional path in Pavey’s Park.

Plants of the West Video, 2002

Working with other Friends and the Migrant Resource Centre – Westgate to produce a script and film a video promoting local parks, indigenous plants and Friends activities to new residents.

Council Lobbying and Consultation, Ongoing

Including removal of Arboretum fences, improving the quality of Maintenance contract, showing the need for additional Ranger staff, allowable locations of dogs in the park, relationships with building contractors, project ideas for the North-West Plain, attending relevant Council and Greening Australia Victoria functions, forums and workshops.

Regular Events

Visits, talks, walks, planting, weeding, watering, mulching, rubbish collection as well as arranging and conducting special events for particular groups. As well as the associated newsletters, fliers, media releases and photo shoots.

Excellent growth in an area previouslly planted by FoNL members.

Memorial Plaques, 2005

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Newport Lake Park, FoNL arranged for the installation of a plaque recognising the great contribution of Maarten Hulzebusch to the park design and development. The plaque was unveiled by the Hon Nicola Roxon MHR

Tree-labelling Project, 2012 

Five specimen trees in the amphitheatre were given bluestone tree labels. It has been a plan of FoNL committee for some years to label interesting trees and it was pleasing to see it happen at last. The work was partially funded by FoNL and was implemented by HBCC staff.

New Bird Sign Installed, 2013 

A beautiful new sign was installed near the stepping stones.This sign was funded by the Friends of Newport Lakes and gives information about the feeding habits of birds so that visitors will understand that feeding artificial food to the birds is not good for them. The sign was designed by Justin Goodall in consultation with FoNL and HBCC and was installed by HBCC.




Seat Installations, 2010

Diane Wise made a bequest to FoNL. This was used to install four seats with plaques recognizing her bequest.

Drinking Fountain, 2010

This drinking fountain, paid for by FoNL, is an asset for thirsty dogs and people

Disability Access Path, 2010 

This path provides good access for people with disabilities and for parents with yound children. It was designed by HBCC and partly funded by FoNL using Gate Contract money.

Mosaics Repair2015

Two damaged mosaics have recently been replaced by two magnificent new mosaics. These were designed and installed by artist Julee Latimer and paid for by Friends of Newport Lakes.

Night-life Project: 2013

FoNL received a grant from Hobson's Bay Community Fund to purchase a special camera to try to document what small nocturnal animals live in the park. This project  started and we hoped for exciting results but, alas, the camera was stolen. Committee decided to replace the camera and the project is continuing.So far, photos and videos have been obtained of foxes, rats, mice, domestic cats and dogs and some birds, but as yet, no native animals.

New Bridge, 2013

A bridge was built across the swale in the amphitheatre to allow crossing when the area is muddy. This was another long-time plan of the FoNL committee to improve the amenity of the park.


Additional New Seat, 2014

A new seat was installed in the north-east corner of the park, with a beautiful outlook down to the lakes. This seat was generously sponsored by Shawqi Ein of Peter Jordan Real Estate and FoNL paid for its installation.

Cats in the night, 2021
Cats in the Night was an awareness and art competition project focused on helping children identify the benefits of keeping cats at home and the impact on native wildlife. The first of the program sessions took place at Newport Lakes Primary School on the 15th of July.

Four very successful sessions were run on 
the day with a group of 80 students participating across them.

Thank-you to Rob 
Mancini and Jackie Kerin for helping make this project a reality.

What we’re doing next ...



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