Future Projects
 Over the years projects have been identified as worth considering, but to do them we need funds, managers, and materials.
If you want to help or have ideas for new projects, please contact us. 
Some ideas for projects are:

Improvement Project

Purpose: Improve the amenity for and safety of park users and develop the park to attract tourism.


· Arboretum: Build lawn-connecting paths and a feature

· North-West Plain: Create viewing mound?

Maintenance Project

Purpose: Assist the Ranger in developing and maintaining a park of which the City is proud.


· ALL PARK: Watering and maintaining planting sites

· Arboretum: Clear and re-plant the gully (maybe as a  pond)

Entertainment Project

Purpose: Fund-raisers for projects, community service, access and participation, awareness raising, member recruitment, rewarding membership


· An Art competition and exhibition in the Park

· Opera in the Park

· Dog Show and Exposition

· Council Friends Field Day

Information Project

Purpose: Provide opportunities for education, preserve local history through adding information depth to the web site and increase park amenity.


· Collect WaterWatch water quality data

· Collect local pre-park stories

· Survey wildlife

· Create a species list and labels for the Arboretum

· Promote the web site and the Facebook page, and therefore, the park and the Friends group.

Management Project

Purpose: Provide education, expand networks and improve management of the Friends and its activities.


· Recruit project managers and labour for approved and funded projects

· Develop a membership recruitment plan.

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