Measuring Dissolves Oxygen

You need the Sample Bottle, the Oxygen Reaction Bottle (the glass bottle with a stopper and beads inside) and the Dissolved Oxygen Kit.

1. Rinse the sampling bottle with lake water. 

2. Pour 1 mL of water into one of the measuring glasses and place it at Position A in the compactor.

3. Put the Oxygen Reaction Bottle completely under water. Fill to the top. Tap the sides to remove air bubbles. With the bottle still under water, replace the cap.

4. Add 5 drops Of 02 -1. 

5. Add 5 drops of 02-2. Close the bottle. Shake the bottle.

6. Wait 1 minute. Add 12 drops of 02-3. Close the bottle. Shake it until the deposit dissolves.


7. Pour 1 mL of this solution into the second measuring glass and place it at position B in the comparator. 

8. Look through the inspection hole of the compactor and side it until the colours match.

9. Read the value off the recess on the comparator reed. Estimate mid-values. Write the value on the data sheet.

10. Rinse the Oxygen Reaction Bottle and the two measuring glasses in lake water.

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