Measuring Turbidity

You need the Sample Bottle and the Turbidity Tube. The Turbidity Tube is a plastic tube in two pieces with a black symbol on the bottom and a scale on the side. The reading may be easier and more accurate if you use it over a light coloured surface or a sheet of white paper.

1. Stand in a sunny spot.

2. Fit the tube together. Hold it at arm's length and look vertically down it.

3. Shake sample vigorously.

4. Slowly pour water into the tube.

5. Stop pouring when the black symbol is only just visible.

6. Read the value on the tube's scale. Write the value on the data sheet.

7. Rinse the tube.


lf the reading is above 200 repeat the measurement. Read off how much water is in the tube. Empty the Sample Bottle. Pour the water in the tube in the Sample Bottle. Top up the bottle with the same amount of clear water (if there was 150mL in the tube, there should now be 300mL in the Sample Bottle). Repeat the measurement. Multiply the value by two.

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