Water Testing

Conducting A Testing Day Instructions

1. Service the kit the day before taking measurements:
  • Soak the electrodes of the meters in tap water.

  • Is everything there?

  • Dissolved oxygen kit

  • Oxygen Reaction bottle

  • Standard conductivity solution

  • Standard pH solutions (4, 7 and 10)

  • Phosphate kit

  • Turbidity tube

  • pH Meter

  • Conductivity meter

  • Sample bottle

  • Collecting arm

  • Instructions

  • Pencil

  • At least, 4 data sheets.

  • Rinse and dry the glassware.

2. At the first site calibrate the pH and Conductivity meters.


3. At each site:
  • complete the environment section of the sheet.

  • collect a water sample. Take the water as far out as you can reach safely and fill the bottle from under the water surface.

  • Air Temperature

  • Water temperature

  • pH

  • Conductivity

  • Phosphate (involves some waiting)

  • Dissolved oxygen

  • Turbidity

4. At the end of the day:
  • Store kit in a cool place
  • Enter results into spreadsheet

  • Upload to FONL web site
  • Send copy to WaterWatch

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