North West Area

This large  flat area remains relatively undeveloped. It was once one of the biggest quarries in the park and then a Council tip in the 1980s. The tip was capped in layers of clay to seal in the decomposing rubbish and the resulting gasses. It is often the home of many weeds (and a source of weed seeds that blow into the rest of the park), but a grassland of sorts with its own bird community is developing.

What will happen to this area?  There are no definite plans as yet. Many suggestions have been made including more forest, more open park, native grassland, community allotments and a viewing mound or platform.

In the meantime, scattered trees are growing gradually and more are being planted. The area is a popular off-leash area for exercising dogs.

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 A new accessible path has been built and a seat installed so walkers can relax and admire the view



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