Magpie Mosaic

Designed: By Linda Cottrell and made by participants at workshops held at the South Kingsville Community Centre and the Newport Lakes Native Nursery.

Bird Facts: Their ‘caroling’ singing can be heard at dawn and dusk, however in breeding season they may swoop and attack. Magpies eat insects, worms, carrion and even snake. They make untidy nests of sticks in the forks of trees between 5-20 metres off the ground.

Surrounding Species: River She-Oak (Allocasuarina cunninghamiana), Tree Violet (Hymenantha dentata), Hedge Wattle (Acacia paradoxa).


Point of Interest: When you emerge from this young forest, you’ll see two contrasting areas. To your right there is an undeveloped area and your left the Arboretum. The area to the right, once a quarry, was used as a tip until the end of the 1980’s. Since then, it was capped with clay but its final use within the park is still to be decided. The Arboretum (as well as Pavey’s Park beside the car park) was also a quarry and the first area to be redeveloped in the 1970’s by Community Workers.

An Arboretum is like a Botanical Garden and contains trees from other countries.

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