The Hobsons Bay City Council (HBCC) manages the park for recreation, a bush-like atmosphere and protection of native wildlife.

HBCC contracts out some aspects of park management (nursery, security and  dog by-law enforcement) through two-year contracts.

Much of the day-to-day planting and weeding work is managed according to a  vegetation management plan. 
This work is undertaken by council Rangers and ground crew. From time-to-time, HBCC releases plans for capital works to enhance the park.

We think our relationship with HBCC is vital to the sensitive development of the park. We liaise with the Rangers and Ward Councillors as appropriate to:

  • exchange information about plans, projects or decisions;
  • lobby for activity and funding;  and
  • provide input into Council plans for the park. 

This disability access path was partly funded by FoNL using Gate Contract money.


In 2000, we successfully lobbied for more staff hours for the care of the park. This resulted in half an extra Ranger, a Weekend Ranger and a Work for the Dole program (path-building).

In 2011, a new, sewered and accessible toilet block was built near the picnic shelters and accessible parking and a path to the lookout was added to the carpark.

From 2006 until 2016, FoNL had a contract with HBCC to close the Car Park gate every evening and to open it in the morning at weekends. This Gate Contract provided FoNL with some thousands of dollars each year to spend on special projects to enhance the amenity of the park.

We thank Ron Bowman for doing most of the work involved in this venture.

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