Virtually all land between Newport and South Australia was formed in volcanic eruptions four and a half million years ago. Eruptions occurred as recently as four thousand years ago. The lava covered the area to form a dense rock called Basalt, what we call Bluestone. Over this a thin, clay soil slowly accumulated.

For thousands of years this area was flat, grassland scattered with bluestone outcrops.These were Bunjil or Eagle Clan lands, the park was the site of an ancient hill used by the local tribes. 



Western Plains today

There are shells scattered on the higher areas indicating imported soil, a higher sea level or possibly even middens left from foraging for food although this has not been established.

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This history is compiled from material supplied by the following: Members of the Earth's Backyard 'work for the dole' scheme, 1997; Sarah Berry, 2000 and 2002; Altona, Laverton and Newport Districts Heritage Study Stage 3: Appendix Ten, Pages 259-60, Graeme Butler and Associates, 2000. If you have any corrections or additional information (including photographs or other documents), we welcome your contribution.

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