FONL Committee

Following the 2021 AGM held via Zoom in September the Committee is currently comprised of:

  • President: Gaye Witney
  • Treasurer: Manny Gaugain
  • Publicity Officer: Barbara Hegger
  • Secretary: Ingid Dodd
  • Minute Secretary: Wendy Brooke
  • General Committee Members: Gaida Saulitis (Social Media Officer); MlukNehme;  Matt Shaw; Greg Hancock

Please note: All financial members are eligible to become committee members and new members are always welcome.

We thank past President, Lorraine Harrison, for her continuing role a Events Co-ordinator

About FoNL Committee 

The Committee meets monthly to:

  • plan and review monthly events;
  • liase with HBCC officers on the calendar of events for the coming year;
  • work with HBCC rangers to address issues relating to the park;
  • provide newsletters and other information to members;
  • manage memberships issues;
  • manage finances;
  • deal with correspondence; and
  • hold an AGM for members as per our Constitution.

     Volunteers hard at work at a mulching event

Past Presidents

  • Valerie Gemmell
  • Sarah Berry
  • Ellie Larkins
  • Lorraine Harrison

Life Members

  • Sarah Berry
  • Ron Bowman
  • Mary Burbidge
  • Lorraine Harrison
  • Gai Moonie



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