Black Swan Mosaic

Designed and Made: by students of the Bayside Secondary College, Millers Road, Altona.

Bird Facts: Swans mate for life and make their grass and reed nests on the island in the middle of the Lakes. Swan eggs are green. Swans eat aquatic plants and animals and a swan call sounds like a trumpet.



Surrounding Species: Black Wattle (Acacia Mearmsii), Coast Saltbush (Atriplex cineria), River She-Oak (Allocasuarinsa cunninghamiana).

Point of Interest: One of greatest challenges for the visitors, local residents, Friends and the Council is the difficulty in combining different uses of the park. In order for the lakes area to provide a sanctuary for waterbirds, dogs are not allowed in the North and South Lakes or Amphitheatre. However dogs are allowed, off-lead in the western half of the park.

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