Like the rest of the park, this area was once a quarry.

The quarry work left a bluestone cliff that surrounds the circular area. After rain, you may see a waterfall if the swamp above the amphitheatre is full.

           2011 - Waterfall after heavy rain

In the centre of the Amphitheatre, you’ll see a metal box. This contains a pump to draw up water through a bore into the ground water 200 metres below the surface. This water maintains the water level of all the lakes. When the water reaches the surface, it enters the small perimeter lakes. The park designer called these ‘feeder lakes’ because bore water filters through these lakes, improving its quality, before it reaches North and South Lake.

The common plants in this area include: the Bull Rush, Thin Duck Weed, Combugi, Sedges, Common Mardoo, Water Button and bush tomatoes.

Memorial seat endowed by Diane Wise, one of four in the park






The most obvious bird in the Amphitheatre is the Purple Swamp Hen, a black hen-like bird with a purple breast and large feet.

    Purple Swamphen feeding chicks

The amphitheatre has been extensively replanted with native plants and a deck has been installed to overcome bank erosion.

The amphitheatre makes a wonderful setting for the annual Newport Fiddle and Folk Bush Dance

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