In 2000, HBCC re-tendered management of the park until 2002 accompanied by a Management Contract. The Friends found the contract inadequate and submitted an alternative structure with more rigorous key performance indicators.

This submission was ignored. However, staffing levels were increased slightly and the nursery was reopened under the tender of Greybox (Christine and Peter Wlodarczyk). Darren Enst became the Ranger. HBCC install new fences around the park and remove all the low vegetation (that tempted residents to dump rubbish).


In 2001, HBCC released its plans for the widened and improved park entrance for completion in 2003. 

Andrew Webster became the Ranger. Susie Inglis, Ranger, held the first City of Hobsons Bay Friends Field Day.

The FoNL bird trail and leaflet was launched. HBCC launched its own trail and leaflet as well. The Friends ran a VUT Work for the Dole Program building paths in Pavey's Park.

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This history is compiled from material supplied by the following: Members of the Earth's Backyard 'work for the dole' scheme, 1997; Sarah Berry, 2000 and 2002; Altona, Laverton and Newport Districts Heritage Study Stage 3: Appendix Ten, Pages 259-60, Graeme Butler and Associates, 2000. If you have any corrections or additional information (including photographs or other documents), we welcome your contribution.

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